Auditory perceptions aids for music with the young child

For many years music teachers have been concerned with the teaching of musical knowledge through the use of various activities such as singing, listening, and rhythms. If the responsible music teacher is to perform more effectively and efficiently in the classroom, he needs listening aids as independent follow-up material in individualizing and strengthening the degree of learning that has taken place. The availability and purposeful utilization of listening aids may provide him with additional time and greatly enhance his teaching effectiveness. This study is concerned with creating suitable aids applicable to the school music curriculum for the young child, specifically kindergarten and first grade. Many song books and textbooks have been published for use in elementary rnusic classes dealing with every aspect of teaching music to children beginning with the singing of simple songs to the more complicated rudiments of musical theory. However, there are few, if any, independently manipulative musical aids such as musical games or testing materials available to accomplish individualized understanding for the young elementary child. See more in text.