Molybdenum Based Catalytic Activity in Deoxydehydration Reaction

To support the increasing need for energy and materials, alternative resources beside fossil fuels have been explored. Among these chemicals which are produced from biomass are an excellent alternative due to its sustainable nature. In order to convert biomass into chemicals, oxygen in biomass must be removed. One possible chemical reaction of reducing oxygen is deoxydehydration (DODH), the making of an alkene from a vicinal diol by remove 1 H20 and ½ 02 using a reducing agent in the present of a catalyst. Previous experiments showed that three metal-based catalyst rhenium, vanadium, and molybdenum can be used for DODH reaction with rhenium based catalysts resulting in highest yields. However, rhenium based catalysts are costly due to the rarity of the metal. Therefore, to study the most economical catalyst for DODH reaction, this project will focus on synthesizing Molybdenum based catalysts and testing their catalytic activity in DODH reaction. The analysis of DODH reactions will be presented.


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