Masters Thesis

A Case Study on Incorporating Growth Mindset as a Positive Behavior Support

The purpose of this Case Study was to consider the current conditions for students as it pertains to their mindsets, and how they are being taught about their mindsets in the classroom. This Case Study was a call to action project for teachers who struggle with motivating their students who demonstrate behaviors that are fixed. By the end of this study students were able to recognize and identify the way they were thinking while problem solving, and were able to redirect their thinking and their behaviors in a positive way. The participants in this study included two fifth-grade all inclusive general education teachers at an Orange County, California elementary school. Two surveys were administered by the researcher and were taken by two teachers for the data collection in this study. the researcher focused on the teachers’ answers about whether or not their students’ mindsets were changed after the instrument had been given in the one-month timespan. The research from this study suggests that teaching students about Growth Mindset will help them think about how to resolve preconceived ideas that they might have about their learning and behaviors. After this strategy was implemented, shifts in the teachers’ mindsets occurred to reflect that they too, had adopted a Growth Mindset.


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