Solar boat 2.0

The California Solar Regatta includes three different races to test the agility and speed of each vessel. The sprint race places two teams head to head on a 150 yard dash. The race is the equivalent of a drag race, where both boats drive in a straight line. The boat with the quickest time wins the sprint race. The competition also consists of a Slalom race as well. The teams navigate through 200 yards Parcours both ways. The last race of the SMUD solar regatta is the endurance race. Each lap around the loop counts as a point. The maximum amount of time that a boat can run in the endurance race is 25 minutes. Both sprint and slalom races are solar events powered by the solar panels placed on the boat. Solar power is not allowed during the endurance race. Only the battery can be used during the endurance race. The design consists of a single occupancy kayak with two outriggers for support for the hull. The boat will be propelled by a brushless DC motor that is connected to a belt driven speed reduction system. The reduction gear system outputs power to the propeller shaft of the boat. The drivetrain also contains a u-joint that will allow the propeller to be adjusted at the appropriate angle. Supports will be added to the hull to make an A-frame to support the solar panels.