Development of a Social Marketing Plan for a Web-Based Platform

Abstract Development of a Social Marketing Plan for a Web-Based Platform By Joleen Kim Master of Business Administration Our clients are a married couple who wish to grow the customer base of their start-up idea of a web-based platform and eventually monetize it in the future. Our team's report is a social marketing plan that outlines recommendations the clients should follow to succeed based on the unique nature of the industry and their service. We interviewed the owners and their business partners in-person, through video conference, and via email to familiarize ourselves with their story, challenges, business efforts thus far, and what goals they hope to accomplish. We researched three industries their business crosses over and did Porter's Five Forces analysis to determine the industry stability and challenges. Our team performed a company analysis via SWOT and researched social, economic, and technological trends. We extensively studied its consumers' needs to learn what resources are helpful to them and what solutions would realistically work. Our team conducted primary research consisting of online surveys and face-to-face interviews with potential consumers. This data assisted us in understanding customer need and how our client's current web-based platform could be improved. Our team applied our critical thinking and market research skills we have gained in our MBA program to create a strategic, social marketing plan. We are honoring client confidentiality and our recommendations will encompass behavioral strategies, distribution channels, a financial implementation plan, and results monitoring. We will advise our clients how to market their platform to major stake holders and provide consultation on how to maintain a competitive advantage. We recommend the clients to reevaluate their business plan and continue to research the customer market on a consistent basis. With my concentration in the MBA program as HR/management and an interest in an IT business analyst career path, I took a collaborative role on our team. I was responsible for producing one of the industry analyses, creating the Qualtrics survey/survey introduction email, generating the cold-calling script for customer interviews, researching technology factors of the client's industry and developing the competitor analysis. Building relationships with the clients and the community, improving my literature research, and working closely with my consulting project team has been challenging but has continued to develop me further in my career path.