The effect of AVID and Upward Bound on Latino cultural identity perceptions

The purpose of this study is to describe how cultural identity perceptions of Latino high school seniors are influenced by participating in AVID or Upward Bound programs, specifically focusing on how identity perceptions are effected by each program's goals and future expectations for student achievement beyond high school. And each programs treatment of cultural heritage and community during implementation. Two data sets were surveyed, one for AVID and One group for Upward Bound. Data was collected using written surveys that asked students to comment on several dimensions of personal self perception and experiences in their respective program, either AVID or Upward Bound. Results were analyzed using four main themes: Life Goals, Perceptions of Self and Identity, Being Bilingual in School, Perceptions of Cultural Heritage. Student responses indicate that these programs are including issues of cultural identity in the curriculum by supporting native language, incorporating the cultural communities with parent involvement, and celebrating cultural heritage to some degree. Responses also indicate that program participation does effect perceptions of self as a student, life goals, and student views of their cultural community.