A Keto-mediet Approach With Coconut Substitution and Exercise May Delay the Onset of Alzheimer’s Disease Among Middle-aged Adults

Coconut oil has been widely used for health due to anecdotal evidence and information posted from the internet. However, researchers still continue to search for the best diets to improve the quality of life, especially for people with cognitive decline. The aim of this project is to create a novel dietary approach, the Keto-Mediet, which may help prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. The Keto-Mediet approach combines the benefits of Ketogenic diet and Mediterranean diet into a food pyramidal model with evidence from the literature of the years between 1982 and 2015 focusing on gene-by-diet interaction, and lipid and glucose metabolism in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients. The Keto-Mediet pyramid is rich in various types of vitamins and substitutes coconut products for saturated animal fats, and limits glucose intake is intended to delay brain degeneration. This approach also encourages adherence to this healthy diet and lifestyle changes including exercise for people whose age ranges from 40 to 75 years. Those who comply with this approach will significantly enhance their knowledge and adopt a healthier lifestyle, as compared to those whose modern eating patterns are typically less healthy. Therefore, the Keto-Mediet approach can be applied in hopes of preventing and decreasing Alzheimer’s disease in different ethnicities and cultural groups.