An in-service training program plan for elementary school recreation leaders

Because continuing in-service job training is important to the employee, the organization and the people they serve, the author has developed this training program plan. The program's primary function is to teach new and strengthen existing recreational leadership skills. Its secondary function is to measure its own effectiveness. This is accomplished when the trainee completes a series of performance assignments as documented by the trainer during the training sessions and confirmed by the trainer's supervisors under actual working conditions. This in-service training program plan is designed specifically for part-time, non-professional recreation leaders that are conducting on-going school related recreation programs for elementary age boys and girls on an elementary school playground. However, with a few minor alterations this training program would meet the training needs of a number of recreation organizational structures. It is the intent of the author to implement portions of the training program plan under actual training and working conditions as described in the introduction of this project.