Relationship between response to intervention data and identification of specific learning disability

This study had two purposes. The first was to provide a retrospective synopsis ofa Response to Intervention (Rtl) model used at a Title I elementary school located in a suburb ofSan Diego County. The second purpose ofthe study was to provide evidence ofthe effective use ofRtl data as part ofa special education psycho-educational evaluation in identifying students with a Specific Learning Disabilities. The researcher will provide details ofhow the Rtl model was implemented and data validating the progress that occurred during its application for a two-year period. This study also includes a description ofthe data that was generated and used as part ofthe referral process for special education evaluations and as part of psycho-educational evaluations for the purpose for identifying students as eligible for special education service under the category of Specific Learning Disability. Key Words: Response to Intervention (Rtl), special education eligibility, Specific Learning Disability, student achievement