Digital Classroom Initiative for Beaumont High School: A Plan for Ubiquitous Computing

Beaumont High School (BHS), a comprehensive high school of just over 2,400 students, will begin its one-to-one computing initiative with Chromebooks over the 2015-2016 school year. Each of the students at BHS will receive a Chromebook for academic use both at school and home. How, in a time of marked for its increased accountability and decreased funding, can a school district successfully usher in 21st century teaching and learning? This type of substantial undertaking presented the need for a methodical and robust implementation plan for BHS. The project presented in this paper is that plan, tentatively dubbed the Digital Classroom Initiative (DCI). In order for such a large-scale initiative to be successful, administration must plan for all logistical and operational possibilities associated with the transition and include them in the plan. Sustained and worthwhile professional development is crucial to the success of a one-to-one initiative, therefore a professional development plan has been included in the BHS Digital Classroom Initiative. The DCI sets the stage for all stakeholders within the district and community to be involved in this transformational initiative.