Graduate project

The design, construction, and testing of a small cold chamber die casting machine for marketing as a teaching aid.

Die casting is the metal working process by which molten metal is forced into steel molds, under pressure, in order to form simple or complex parts with a rapid cycle and little labor. Die casting is the fastest of all casting processes; it is most often employed where rapidity and economy in production are essential. Production rates up to 500 casting cycles per hour are possible with suitable automatic machines.This process ranks with stamping, die forging, plastic molding, powder metallurgy and production by screw machine when large quantities of identical parts are required. One need only look about himself and he would find die castings are involved in almost every activity. Die casting is a major industry and constantly claiming more importance in the industrial field. An industry itself, die casting employs many skilled technicians, engineers, operators, die makers, metallurgists, just to name a few. Why is it, then, that the common man in today's society knows little about die casting?