Public Service Motivation and Organizational Commitment Among the Multi-Generational Workforce

This paper examines the literature on Public Service Motivation (PSM), organizational commitment and generational differences in the workplace. This paper studies the influence that PSM has on organizational commitment and describes how the different generations in today’s workforce differ from one another. The field of public service serves as the focus of this paper and the different aspects of PSM and organizational commitment and their importance are explored. This study will try to answer whether the influence that PSM has on organizational commitment varies across generations. Due to time constraints, a study was not implemented, however, a quantitative research study was designed that would survey the Los Angeles County Department of Public Social Services (DPSS). A stratified purposeful sampling would be used to examine how PSM influences the organizational commitment of the three biggest generational cohorts in today’s workforce. The sample would then be broken down into three strata that would reflect the three generational cohorts studied. Data would be collected, analyzed and then compared by strata to determine whether the influence of PSM on organizational commitment differs by generation.

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