Capstone project

All-terrain vehicle

The project is a remote operated vehicle capable of overcoming obstacles by accelerating vertically while having a horizontal velocity. The vehicle has a frame superstructure providing rigid protection for the internal components consisting of: micro-controllers, batteries, and other electronic components. There will be four wheels attached to the horizontal propulsion component which will provide motive force to cause the vehicle to translate along the surface. The vertical propulsion system is connected to the frame and will be capable of providing sufficient force to the wheels, which are typically normal to the surface, so that the vehicle can separate from the surface. The electronic control unit coupled to the vertical propulsion system will control the operation of the said vertical propulsion system and driving of the vehicle. The vertical propulsion system will also be controlled by the electronic control unit in order to provide an active suspension. The active suspension controls the vertical movement of the wheels via the electronic control unit rather than the movement being determined entirely by the surface which the vehicle is moving on. Having this will virtually eliminate pitch variation and body roll while performing at different driving situations such as accelerating, breaking, and adverse terrain.