Graduate project

Supporting Student Literacy at Home: A Resource Blog for Families

As sixth graders begin to navigate the academic and social challenges of middle school, it is important for teachers to offer guidance and resources for parents and caregivers to continue to support their child’s literacy development. A partnership between families and schools has never been more important than during the current health crisis we are now experiencing. In addition, today’s technology provides teachers the opportunity to inform and support parents/caregivers in new and different ways. The purpose of this project was to create a website/blog for sixth graders' parents and caregivers as a resource to support their children in their continued literacy development. The website/blog includes family-friendly tips, links, videos, and articles. The blog features pages on the following topics: Books, Reading, Writing and Parenting/Caregiving. Linked to each of the pages are example posts that provide information or strategies for them to engage their sixth-graders in literacy activities at home. As new posts are added to the blog each month, it will be a form of ongoing support and communication for parents and caregivers to utilize throughout the year.

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