Effects of a reading fluency intervention for middle schoolers in a self-contained SDC classroom

This study examined the effects of the research-based The Six-Minute Solution: A Reading Fluency Program on middle school students with learning disabilities. All the participants are students in special education who have active Individualized Education Plans (IEPs), and who receive instruction in one of two self contained special day classes (SDCs). One of the SDCs implemented The Six-Minute Solution while the other continued using its current reading program. The Six-Minute Solution incorporates repeated reading and peer-assisted learning to promote reading fluency, automatic word recognition, and comprehension. A pre-and post-implementation assessment measuring each participant's correct words per minute (CWPM) and instructional reading level (lRL) by grade were taken to determine effects of the oral reading fluency program. The results of this study, though not statistically significant, indicate that the implementation of The Six-Minute Solution in self contained classrooms for students with learning disabilities can have a positive effect on their oral reading fluency rates. Key words: Oral Reading, Reading Fluency, Learning Disabilities, Special Education, Secondary Education