A handbook to assist students with moderate and severe disabilities to lead their Individual Education Program (IEP) meetings

Students with moderate to severe disabilities who attend their Individualized Education Plan (IEP) meetings are often uninvolved spectators. Transition Education as well as current best practices in Special Education requires that IEPs be student centered. Students with moderate to severe disabilities must learn self-determination, choice making, and self-advocacy skills in order to succeed post-school. This project documents the modified process for students with severe disabilities to participate in student-led IEPs and serves as a guide to educators who work with these students. The results of using the manual and helping students participate in a student-led IEP were increased participation in the meeting, it helped students understand what was going on in the meeting, and it gave them a way to express themselves and describe what they want for their future. Keywords: Self-determination, Individual Education Programs, Student-led IEPs, Transition, Moderate to Severe disabilities