Latino Male Adolescents and Mental Health: Understanding and Addressing Cultural Stigma

The purpose of this project is to bring awareness and understanding on how to address cultural stigma on mental health treatment to Latinx parents, Latino male adolescents, and school counselors. Focus will be on the importance of mental health illnesses, the effects, and how to properly address and intervene in a school setting. Mental health illnesses are growing issues today among this population and ultimately are being left ignored and undetected because students do not feel comfortable addressing them due to values and beliefs they've grown up with. Parents are expected to engage in this program and learn how to identify and address mental health issues that may be occurring in their student's live, which in turn can help break the stigma associated with receiving treatment. With the knowledge gained from this portion of the project, counselors will learn about the importance of Latinx cultural values and beliefs and gain skills on how to best serve this population of students.