K-5 curriculum guide for the successful integration of Unitedstreaming and Harcourt science in alignment with the Claifornia [sic] science content standards

With Science being added to the list of what is tested in the California Contents Standards Test, teachers are faced with finding innovative ways to enhance their science curriculum to improve their students' achievement. This study examines the factors why teachers are not using educational technology in the form of unitedstreamingTM a video-on-demand, subscription- based application in their classrooms to enhance their science curriculum. Educational technology in the form of unitedstreaming™ has shown in previous studies to enhance students' achievement when videos are shown along with regular curriculum, (Dr, Boster & Staff, 2002). Educational technology can be beneficial in the learning process and help to improve students' achievement when computers are. used as a tutor or tool. A voluntary questionnaire was developed to examine what the teachers' experience and comfort factor with educational technology is and whether they are currently using unitedstreaming™in the classroom to enhance their science curriculum. Analysis of the data collected from the voluntary teacher questionnaires found that teachers' experience and comfort levels were widely ranged and didn't seem to be a major factor why teachers were not using the application. The researcher also found that teachers would be more likely to use the unitedstreamingTMapplication to supplement their science curriculum if there were a curriculum guide available. It was also found that teachers needed more professional development in the application along with any new teachers who may have missed the first one. Therefore, a K-5 Curriculum Guide for the Successful Integration of unitedstreaming TM and Harcourt Science in Alignment with the California Science Content Standards was created. In the guide, a teacher will find how to log on to unitedstreaming(tm), download a video, and how to troubleshoot for problems that may occur. The guide is broken up in grade levels and divided by science strands: Life, Earth, and Physical. On the first page, the chapters of the Harcourt Science text are aligned with the California Science Content Standards and the unitedstreaming ™ videos that address the curriculum, with a short synopsis. On the second page, there are interest level ratings of the video, keywords to help find videos, and grade levels the videos are appropriate for. In the future, more professional development in the unitedstreaming™ application in the form of a refresher course, or a new teacher's course would definitely be beneficial. Key Words- K-Sth, educational technology, curriculum guide, vide<H>n-demand, integrating science