Middle-Level Social Studies Task Menu

This curriculum project is a Middle School Humanities unit that uses Task Menus to increase student choice and engagement levels. To design a humanities curriculum with Task Menus, this project used Multiple Intelligences, Blooms’ Revised Taxonomy, Differentiation, and Student Choice to inform the content and instruction. The project contains a 2-week learning unit on the Feudal System in Medieval Europe. The essential questions for this unit are: How well did feudal system establish order in Europe in the Middle Ages? At the end of the unit, each day the curriculum provides a Task Menu that includes: musical, spatial, verbal, mathematical, and kinesthetic options for students to share knowledge and understanding of Medieval Europe. These Task Menu options are organized into six different taxonomy levels: remember, understand, apply, analyze, evaluate, and create. Each lesson contains California Social Studies Standards, California English Language Development Standards, Objectives, Assessments, Materials, Instructional Steps, and Handouts.