The Relationship of Disruptive Behavior and Intent to Leave Current Nursing Position

Abstract of THE RELATIONSHIP OF DISRUPTIVE BEHAVIOR AND INTENT TO LEAVE CURRENT NURSING POSITION by Megan Rose Bendinelli Statement of Problem Disruptive behavior is a complex phenomenon that encompasses many acts and is often negatively experienced and witnessed by many professionals in the workforce. Disruptive behavior remains prevalent amongst nurses and is detrimental to the individual, organizations, and the workforce. Sources of Data Data were collected from a convenience sample of RN to BSN and MSN nursing students currently enrolled at a southern California state university. Students were asked to complete an online survey of four questionnaires: the Negative Acts Questionnaire Revised, Michigan’s Organizational Assessment Questionnaire, a demographic data sheet, and a professional characteristics survey to describe the subjects. Conclusions Reached Disruptive behavior and intent to leave one’s current place of employment were significantly correlated in this study, r (48) = 0.63, p ≤ 0.001. This relationship was robust and not explained by demographic or workplace variables.