Stirling Engine Project

For this year's Senior Project Design, we will be inheriting last year's Alpha Stirling Engine with the intention of improving upon the design to have a functional prototype. With that, this will incorporate several design changes and different testing methods. From those changes, this will provide us with a baseline as far as the validity of analysis for this design. With further analysis of last year's engine, we noticed that it was faulty due to wrong assumptions and modelling. Last year's design team modelled the engine as a single piston, single cylinder engine. With the two pre-existing piston cylinders on their past design, we believe it wasn’t appropriate for their design choice. This year we will pursue a different design provided by a text written by James R. Senft. This text will provide us with engineering drawings for a complete assembly on this type of air engine. Our main objective this year is to focus less on the dynamic analysis of Stirling Engines, but more on the potential applications it can be used in. This report will contain our iterative process of our final design and a brief analysis on the importance of scaling these engines in size.