The effects of mechanical habitat conversion on eight Southern California rodent species

TIhe effects of mechanical habitat conversion on eight species of rodents were studied in the San Gabriel Mountains north of Pacoima, Los Angeles County, California, from November 1973 to December 1974. Two kinds of 'type-conversion', fuel break grassland and rejuvenated chaparral were live-trapped and comparisons were made between them and with immature and mature chaparral. Openland-preferring species were favored on type-conversions and species composition in rejuvenated chaparral were similar to that in immature chaparral. Rodent densities were approximately the same on both type-conversions and in both cases were greater than that in immature chaparral and less than that in mature chaparral. Rodent species diversity was high in rejuvenated chaparral and immature chaparral relative to grassland and mature chaparral. Rodent diversity was not correlated with density. (See more in text.)

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