A Curriculum to Teach Positive Psychology Interventions to Elementary School Students Within the Counseling Setting

Students with social-emotional difficulties often struggle to have a positive outlook towards themselves and school. Online research articles, as well as books and websites, were examined in order to study the outcome of various positive psychology interventions and how they could be applied within the school setting. It was determined that school psychologists who use a positive psychology approach during counseling can help students: change their perspective to be more grateful and optimistic, increase engagement with classes and school altogether, build constructive relationships towards school staff and peers, develop an understanding of how their school work has a meaningful purpose, and learn to appreciate academic accomplishments (Gilman, Huebner, & Furlong, 2009; Suldo, 2016; Positive Psychology Center, n.d.). Sustainable changes to a student's well-being can occur through the use of simple and intentional interventions based on evidence collected from positive psychology research.