Returning the Sahrawi People Back to Western Sahara

This project will begin with background insight into the disputed territory of Western Sahara, with a focus on the particular region of Laayone and El Marsa where there is a heavily guarded phosphate mine. Phosphate as is well known, is a necessary element in agriculture, and is used for weapon manufacturing. The main focus of this paper will be to provide research examining the reasons for the exile of the Sahrawi people. This paper will further demonstrate that the Sahrawi people have not only been exiled for over forty years, but also that their exile is due in part to an unfounded optimism that the international and globalized society has forgotten, or has ignored their circumstance. This paper will further pose the potential of possible rises in terrorism that could affect the United States and as well as trade with the region. Furthermore, it will propose possible solutions and policy responses to helping liberate the Sahrawi people, and introduce them back to their respective territory and nation.