The use of video as a medium in a parent education program for teenagers

This project describes why and how video can be used as an educational tool to teach parenting skills to school-age parents. The project was developed as part of a grant from the State Department of Education and the Office of Child Abuse Prevention to the YMCA Youth & Family Center in Lawndale, California. The paper relates how the recognition that adolescent pregnancy and childbearing incur a series of high-risk conditions for mother and child was translated into practical application. That application was the development of a parent education program which used video to teach parenting skills. The paper includes a chapter reviewing pertinent literature which discusses first, the problems that occur when adolescents have children and, second, the use of video in parent education. A narrative chapter describes the advantages of video as they become apparent to the writer through her experience. The fourth section is a set of guidelines for other professionals to consider when instituting video as an educational tool for parent education in their own program.