Bleach me

As an African-American child growing up in the South, I have lived and moved among white society for so long that I wear them as a second coat, a second skin even. Growing up, white wasn�t just a language to learn, it was a whole dominant culture to embrace while living in an opposing and arguably reactionary culture. This collection of essays is centered on identity; questioning, defining, and engaging with an intentionally misplaced identity. Identity-- affecting, reshaping, abusing, and refocusing that identity-- is always �what�s at stake,� when one transverses their history and others histories and stories. This collection, then, is centered on the ideas of �code switching� and �double consciousness,� taking the theories to a space where they�ve become an actual identity, have become the only stable sense of self I own. Because this collection is, at its core, about ownership, about owning your own problems, bridging and integrating your own experiences within a collective and intentional creating and understanding your individual-self outside the collective.