Solution to the unsuccessful War on Drugs and opioid crisis in America

This thesis will be focusing on the current stance of illicit drugs in America. The thesis will also include the current opioid crisis and the shifting laws on marijuana. This directly ties into the war on drugs that has been going on since President Reagan took office. The war on drugs was more of a preventative strategy rather than a ‘war’, nonetheless it was still quite unsuccessful as it is still a constant issue today. The thesis will briefly discuss and compare how other countries have solved their drug issues with further lenient laws and more resources for drug addicts to get help. The comparison of laws on illicit drugs from a multitude of nations will help to identify what laws may be working and which of those laws are not. The legalization of marijuana in some select states within America pull in a lot of taxes solely on the sales of cannabis. The tax on marijuana can be used to help treat drug addicts across the United States. Additionally, the paper will explore some illicit scheduled drugs that may have a potential future for medical use. Not only do these drugs have potential medical use, but they may also replace a lot of opioid prescriptions and painkillers.