Behavior modification and weight loss

The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of a behavior modification course on maintenance of weight reduction after treatment. Specific aspects have included the rate of loss at three-month intervals for one year, preference for the techniques, and actual home use of the techniques following completion of the course. Information on attrition rate and attendance at booster sessions has also been included. Chi-square was performed to determine significant differences on weight losses and time of year that dieting began. Sixty-two participants were interviewed by telephone to gather information about weight maintenance, home use of techniques and booster session attendance. Evaluation forms filled out at the end of the course by each subject were used to tabulate the most- and least-liked techniques. The course was taught at a health maintenance organization located in the Los Angeles area and spanned nine weeks. Results of this study showed that a low level of success had been maintained over a period of twelve months.