Renaissance and Baroque housemusic adapted for recorders and instrumental ensemble in the schools

The purpose of this thesis is to provide music literature selected and arranged for a chamber ensemble utilizing instruments currently initiated and available in elementary and junior high schools, and based on the recreational consort music and practices of the renaissance and early baroque eras.The literature is planned for upper elementary or junior high school students, especially those of culturally disadvantaged backgrounds. A program based upon the use of this literature is-de­ signed to narrow the gap between those with an advanced knowledge of music and music history,and those with no experience in this area.Music for the ensemble has been adapted by the author from compositions of the renaissance and baroque eras and has been chosen to illustrate typical characteristics or innovations which developed during these y ears. It was the author's purpose to produce arrangements of compositions as true to the renaissance or baroque style as is possible while working within the limitations of young student's technical skills and the instrumental resources of the public schools.The goal is to help children, through playing,to further understand the music and musicians of these years and their influence on the present. [See more in text.]