Development and evaluation of an educational videotape

The purpose of this project was to develop and evaluate an educational videotape which would be utilized as a teaching mechanism for demonstrating proper care of the spinal interbody fusion patient. The videotape format was selected because the subject matter lent itself to this medium, and the audiovisual department at Burbank Community Hospital, a 103 bed facility, was available for its implementation. A testing instrument was developed to test the amount of knowledge the viewer had about the spinal interbody fusion patient. The study population consisted of twenty-eight student vocational nurses who were randomly assigned to two groups. Both groups were pre-tested. Group A viewed the entire tape and was post-tested. Group B viewed Part I of the tape and was post-tested then viewed Part II of the tape and was post-tested. Based on the analysis of the data it was concluded that both groups were deemed to be comparable. Also, both groups exhibited a large gain in knowledge after viewing the videotape and no significant difference in knowledge gained was demonstrated whether the tape was viewed in segments or in its entirety. It was suggested that further studies be conducted 1) to test the videotape format against conventional instructional methods; 2) to assess knowledge when the videotape is used as an adjunct in developing employee skills and; 3) utilizing the media plan as a prototype, more videotapes should be made for employee training within Burbank Community Hospital.