Supporting All Types of Learners: A Resource Handbook for Students, Teachers, and Parents

In the educational setting, a growing number of students with special needs and ELL students are being included in general education classrooms. What resources are available for students, teachers, and parents that offer academic supports for access to the curriculum and give students the opportunity to demonstrate their learning? There are three emerging themes that one must understand in order to support the learning of students. These themes include the benefits of including special education students and ELL students in the general education classroom, learning styles, and types of supports and tools that can be used to scaffold learning. Through this project, I have created a handbook that will offer supports and tools allowing all students access to the Common Core curriculum. By keeping a copy of this handbook in an accessible place, the interactions, academic skills, and social skills of all students will flourish, in turn creating relationships and a stronger and safer community for all students to grow.