The Displacement of the Sahrawi People

GMA 460L - Senior Seminar Research Lab

The objective of this poster is to present the troubling situation of the Sahrawi people from Western Sahara. Currently over 100,000 people are surviving in internment refugee camps in Algeria, and have been there for nearly fifty years. The region of the camps are divided by a large wall of sand called the Sahara Berm. The Sahara Berm is part of a strategic military defense designed to keep the Sahrawi people and Algeria from taking over Western Sahara in which Morocco occupies. Likewise, the Berm protects an important phosphate mine with the longest conveyor belt in the world that leads to an extensive port. This poster shows aerial views of the camps, a sculpture that represents the camps, military outposts of the berm, as well as the port that transports and exports what is claimed to be phosphate. Furthermore, in order to bring accountability and reference to those responsible for the representation of the Sahrawi people, a timeline of representation has been added.