Masters Thesis

Women's Sexuality Within the Public Spaces of Bars and Nightclubs.

The goal of my research is to examine the ways women construct their sexuality within the socio-sexual spaces of bars and nightclubs. By using ethnographic qualitative methods, such as observations and in-depth interviewing, I attempt to understand how women construct their sexuality while navigating social constructions and masculine heteronormative controls. I look at women’s experiences with the sexual self, confidence, sexual scripts, and masculine sexual hegemony. My analysis of these themes, which elaborates women’s roles and interactions with men, offers a deeper understanding of how women come to present their sexual selves under the male hegemonic order of women’s sexuality. I also examine the ways in which women are cognizant of the expectations that exist in the socio sexual spaces such as bars and clubs. Their practical knowledge reveals the agency that exists within their performativity and desire by using clothing, dancing, drinking, socializing, kissing, and one- night stands to display sexual empowerment.


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