Cinema-Therapy: Using Film as an Intervention

This project is an introductory workshop on how cinema or movies may be used throughout the therapeutic process as a tool to interact and create discussion. The workshop is set for professionals willing to learn the usefulness of cinema and film within the practice of counselor and therapy. The workshop will act as a stepping-stone for those individuals who wish to use cinema with clients and how to appropriate use film or clips as a mean of dialogue and create connection with clients who may benefit from examination of films. With the accessibility of film for many in today’s world, the exploration of this form of media is key to finding alternatives to reaching clients. With such a large range of ages and selections of film to accommodate those age ranges, it is an untapped form of media that results in further participation in therapy sessions, and personal reflection. Due to the ever-changing media and online access for many films, this tool can provide assistance outside of the therapeutic environment and may bring individuals to their own comforts of home, office or community to further develop concepts and challenges to bring into a therapeutic session.

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