Igniting Global Scientific Research Through Low Cost Equipment Supply: A Non-Profit Business Plan

BioSpark Laboratories is a proposed non-profit organization intended to serve scientific researchers in South America by providing low cost laboratory equipment. Based out of San Diego, BioSpark takes advantage of the vast diversity of life science industry leaders located in the area. As a non-profit organization, BioSpark looks to establish a competitive advantage for donated laboratory equipment by positioning themselves above competitive equipment resell companies. The goal of BioSpark Laboratories is to support the researchers in South America, who are limited in funding and access to quality low cost laboratory equipment. As a result, their research is hindered by the lack of proper tools to effective accomplish their medical, agricultural and environmental goals. In this business plan, BioSpark Laboratories presents advantages for forming their organization as well as the challenges needed to overcome. Furthermore, the plan described provides a strategic plan defined by market analysis, corporate research and financial evaluation to promote the success of BioSpark. An evaluation of company leaders in the used equipment field has provided BioSpark Laboratories the competitive intelligence necessary to navigate the business landscape. The recognition of equipment researchers and other non-profit organization in the area along with an understanding of their business models will support BioSpark while establishing the new organization. By researching historical and economic trends, information has been analyzed to evaluate the opportunity for BioSpark to meet their vision and goal. The opportunity available in South America and Latin America creates a perfect area for BioSpark to serve the researchers in this area. Finally, an evaluation of the potential finances through Internet research will allow BioSpark Laboratories to successfully budget capital. Understanding the functional costs associated with the organization and maintaining a balanced budget will directly correlate to the success of the organization. Using the research presented in this plan, BioSpark Laboratories presents clearly defined action plans that need to be completed before the organization can be formed. These actions are centered determining the specific needs of researchers through surveys as well as gathering such equipment from the San Diego biotechnology community. Additionally, revenue sources need to be defined and gathered to establish capital support for operational costs. Finally, the final action for the organization is to effectively initial a trial shipment to gain first hand experience of the challenges associated with shipping equipment.