From resumes to dress attire: preparing teens for interviews

This project was created to provide a secondary school in Empire, CA with curriculum to assist with preparing teenagers for interviews and to provide instruction to students in the combined junior-senior advisory class. After assessing the needs of the community of Empire by reviewing census information and receiving input from school officials, information was gathered. Empire has a high poverty rate. Research shows that the combination of higher educational attainment and work or internship experience has been shown to improve a candidate’s likelihood of gaining employment and receiving higher wages, which has the potential to increase the socioeconomic status of the individual and lessens the likelihood that he or she will live below poverty level. Possessing the necessary preparation and skills to conduct an interview further increases that potential. This information was shared with students via a PowerPoint. The course took place over a span of three days with each individual class lasting for 30 minutes. Twenty-six students attended the class and learned skills ranging from proper dress attire, how to fill out an application and a resume, tips for interviews including common interview questions, follow-up after the interview, and the impact social media has on the employment process. Future actions could be to expand the course by adding mock interviews to the curriculum.