A collaborative residential recovery program & early head start : the mother's experience with young children

Research has shown a limited understanding of the impacts of residential recovery programs on families with young children who have been exposed to addiction, homelessness, and poverty (Einbinder, 2010; Neger & Prinz, 2015; Niccols et. al., 2012). There is a need to further examine the experiences of mothers with young children within a residential recovery program which can guide ways to effectively support these families. Using the Family Systems theory (Turnbull, Summers & Brotherson, 1964), a qualitative phenomenological study was conducted with six mothers with young children and/or pregnant residing within a residential recovery program. Four themes emerged within the findings: Individual family impacts, Power of interactions, Tenacity in obstacles and Impacts o f change. The findings support the need for more family focused programs that examine the qualitative experiences of mothers and their young children to effectively to support recovery and meet the needs of these families.