Student Research

Memory Retrieval

The ability to encode and retrieve memories of for events or Episodic long-term memory (LTM) is a wholly complex, but fundamentally important capacity. LTM retrieval is supported by a network of brain regions, most notably, the hippocampus and medial temporal cortical regions. There has a been a wealth of human neuroimaging studies investigating the role of these regions as well as others including the lateral prefrontal cortex, in LTM retrieval. However, there is less known about how these regions that are important for memory functionally interact during different LTM retrieval conditions. In the present study, we investigate the functional interactions within this network using a meta-analytic and graph-theoretical approach (meta-analytic functional connectivity mapping). We gathered and annotated the results from 72 neuroimaging studies investigating different LTM retrieval conditions. From these results, we will derive network models quantifying the co-activation strength amongst regions during LTM retrieval. We expect medial temporal lobe and lateral prefrontal regions to act as hub nodes, playing a central role communication in the network. We believe our findings will be an important compliment to the established body of research implicating the medial temporal and frontal lobes in LTM.


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