Still just saying no to drugs: a morality analysis of senate bill 843

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the influence of morality on the implementation and use of Medication Assisted Treatment for people who have been diagnosed with Opioid Use Disorder. Research Question: Is California SB 843 a policy shaped by morals? Methods/Framework: Morality Framework, including the four criteria for a morality policy: 1) controversy, 2) legislation that is symbolic in nature rather than focused on concrete policy outcomes, meaning it is not based on the objective measures, 3) involvement of multiple sectors, and 4) continuous debate, will be used to analyze SB 843. Results: California SB 843 is shown to be a morality policy as it meets the standards using the morality framework. Discussion: This analysis explores the impact of morality on the development and implementation of medically assisted treatment policies in prisons.