PodWeb : a decentralized application powered by Ethereum network

This system will eliminate the need for common platforms to publish pod-cast. The methods create a new ERC-20 token named as 'Pods.' Users will have an ability to create an account and get some specific number of tokens (that is, Pods) as joining bonus to perform a transaction in Ethereum network. Users will have the ability to upload a podcast which could be either paid or free. A user who uploads the podcast could decide the cost associated with the podcast. If the value associated with the podcast is higher than 0 Pods, then the user will gain full profit without paying a specific amount of share to different platforms like ios/google/Spotify, etc. Users will not only be able to search a particular podcast by its name but also by tags associated with it. A user who uploaded a podcast will be able to see the list of users who purchased it and keep track of tokens received after each transaction in the Ethereum network. A user who bought a podcast would have an option to like and post comments for the podcast. Comments are disabled from the system for the free podcast but any user being part of the system will be able to like a free podcast. This system will also allow users to purchase the tokens which could be used to buy a podcast. Implementation of this system was done in NodeJS and Solidity will be used to write Smart Contract. Smart Contract will help us to exchange the 'Pods' token among the users while avoiding the services of the middlemen. This system also uses Stripe for payment gateway which will allow users to buy more tokens, Azure cosmos DB to store the metadata of the users and podcast information and AngularJS to develop a highly responsive client-side application with data-bindings.