ThalPal Android App - A medication alarm app to enhance medication adherence in adolescents with Thalassemia

Mobile health describes the use of portable electronic devices with software applications to provide health services and manage patient information. With almost 5 billion mobile phone users in the world, health care providers and researchers are realizing the potential of using mobile technologies for supporting the performance of clinical updates, reminders and health education. Today, mobile health information technologies are being distributed all over the world to endeavor medication adherence. ThalPal is a medication alarm based android application to enhance medication adherence in adolescents with Thalassemia. This is a part of a large project started by Dr. Youwen Ouyang in the Computer Science and Information Systems department and Dr. Pamela Kohlbry from School of Nursing which focuses on supporting adolescent thalassemia patients. ThalPal application mainly focuses on medication reminders specific to a patient and tracks the patient’s response to alarms about medication intake. The main intent behind is to foster an effective transition while moving from parental reminders to self-care reminders.