What factors affect teacher morale?

The purpose of this study is to analyze factors that affect teacher morale. Thirty questions were selected from the Purdue Teacher Opinionnaire. Ten factors were analyzed: teacher rapport with principal (8 questions), satisfaction with teaching (6 questions), rapport among teachers (2 questions), teacher salary (2 questions), teacher load (2 questions), curriculum issues (2 questions), teacher status (2 questions), community support of education (2 questions), facilities and services (2 questions), and community pressures (2 questions). The questionnaire surveyed 81 teachers from four different school sites who represented four different demographic and achievement profiles. The goal is to identify factors that affect teacher morale so principals can be aware of what creates positive morale for their teaching staff. An administrative leader is aware of the factors that will enhance teacher morale. Good principal leadership will foster positive morale to the teaching staff in hopes of enhancing student achievement.