Graduate project

Child sexual abuse awareness

This project focused on the development and implementation of a presentation that would bring awareness to child sexual abuse. The purpose of this project was to expand upon the education being received by non-minor dependents through the Independent Living Program (ILP), public school settings, and to facilitate access to information regarding child sexual abuse awareness. The objectives of this presentation are to provide general information on child sexual abuse as well as inform attendees of community resources that assist in sexual abuse (e.g., counseling services, support groups, crisis intervention, etc). In addition, the presentation was designed to provide attendees with the tools needed to: recognize warnings signs of child sexual abuse, react responsible to disclosure or suspected child sexual abuse, and effectively communicate and teach their children preventative measures. The objectives for this project were developed based on expanding upon what local agencies and organizations were already teaching regarding this topic, incorporating personal communications with individuals with and without children on their current knowledge and what they would find useful to teach their children, and the writer's personal experience with her internship with Stanislaus County, Child Protective Services. This collaborative effort ensured the end product would serve useful to any population that was viewing it.