Accommodations in the general education classroom

Schools in the United States are moving towards an inclusive model of education. There is, therefore, an increased need for general education teachers to be well versed in the implementation of accommodations for students with special needs. Yet, there is very little training of this kind provided in our traditional teacher training programs. Teachers are given only a basic level of preparation in accommodating for the needs of all learners. To better understand which accommodations are currently being implemented in general education classrooms and general education teachers' preparedness level in implementing those accommodations and teaching students with special needs a survey was given. It was self-reported through the survey that a majority of teachers are implementing seven of the nine accommodations listed and they feel they have knowledge as to how to use those accommodations. Yet, teachers felt only an average level of preparedness (3 .28 out of a possible 5) to meet the needs of all students in their class. A website was created to better train teachers in the use of accommodations in their classroom.