Use of Song as a Memory Device to Access and Recall Embedded Standards‐Based Academic Content

Purpose of the Project: The purpose of this project is to investigate whether music can be an effective means by which to present content in other subject areas; to ascertain current practice with regard to use of educational music in the elementary classroom, and to create a resource database aligning readily available educational music with California standards in the content areas. Procedure: A review of literature relevant to memory and recall through the use of music as a mediator was conducted. A survey was designed to ascertain current practice with regard to use of educational music in the classroom among colleagues. The survey also provided limited resources for exploration. Music was obtained and analyzed for subject area content, and aligned with California content standards. A database was designed and compiled. Findings: The literature review provided evidence that song can be an effective medium of subject area content presentation. Teachers felt that music is an effective presentation tool, adding interest and ease of recall, but do not generally use music in their classrooms in that manner. Reasons given included lack of time, resources and training. Conclusions: With an easily accessible database aligned to standards, teachers would probably utilize more music in their classrooms as a means of content presentation, thereby enhancing lessons and adding creativity to scripted curricula. Present formatting limits distribution; in order to have the widest possible audience, the database needs to be an online resource, searchable by grade level, content area, standard, keyword, and publisher.