Masters Thesis

Media Richness and Message Complexity as Influencers of Social Media Engagement

The master thesis “Media Richness and Message Complexity as Influencers of Social Media Engagement” seeks to identify the relationship between message complexity, media richness, and its effect on social media engagement. the literature review in this field revealed a recent trend that earlier studies tended to reject the media richness theory, whereas the recent studies, which applied the theory to social media, overwhelmingly confirmed the media richness theory. to further investigate this phenomenon, the media richness theory by Daft and Lengel (1986) will be used to derive potential predictors of social media engagement. a quantitative content analyses will be performed by exporting posts from a Facebook business page and running a multiple linear regression analysis to identify predictors of social media reach. the Facebook business page used for this study is a social media influencer brand called Linz Stanley, which has over 20,000 Facebook followers and successfully established itself in the cosplay market by publishing photos of handcrafted costumes and attendances of cosplay conferences on her social media profiles.


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