Graduate project

The impact of computer technology on education : (a source book for educational leaders)

One of the goals of the Leadership Training Program in the Area of the Deaf is to acquaint tomorrow's leaders with the technological advances that appear likely to have an impact on the future of deaf education. Computers surely qualify for such study. We hear about the application of computers to new tasks with increasing frequency. Most administrators must surely by this time have asked themselves, "Is this something I should be looking into? How big a school do I have to have before a computer would be useful? How much do they cost?" There is literature available that would at least partially answer some of these questions. Unfortunately, much of it is so technical that it would require more study than most of us have time for. Still other literature appears to show the bias of a particular manufacturer's point of view. This booklet is an attempt to answer some questions that you may have asked about computers. It certainly will not answer all of them and it may even raise a few new ones for you. It does, we hope, represent an introduction to computers and hopefully will provide you with references for additional study in some particular area that may be of interest. The booklet was prepared as a part of a committee exercise by five members of the 1968 Leadership Training Program. They are to be complimented for the research and planning that went into the preparation of this document. More importantly, we are sure they learned a great deal more about computers than is reflected in this document. We hope that their willingness to share this material with others may prove of some benefit.