Creative drama in the classroom: expanding and enhancing creative thinking

There is a movement now, with the Common Core Standards, to shift away from the focus on English and Math. Now all of Garner’s multiple intelligences can be addressed and students are offered a wider range of opportunities to thrive and engage in the educational process. The value of arts integration across the curriculum has been proven beneficial in both cognitive and non-cognitive ways. However, putting that integration piece into place takes careful and costly planning, and much commitment and dedication. While that is taking place, there is an opportunity to have teachers ready themselves for that eventuality. By using the handbook of creative drama strategies, they can bring drama into their classroom with various activities that promote creative thinking, imagination, collaboration. It will increase their confidence and allow them to springboard from these scripted strategies to use drama frequently in their classrooms, making the classroom environment more engaging. It is a small step in arts integration and engaging students to not only complete their high school education, but also help them to discover their strengths and potential. It will help them develop their capacity for creative thinking, making them better suited for the current world of employment.