Masters Thesis

Fulfilling the role of a school psychologist by assisting students within a multi-tiered model of support with an emphasis on preventative and early intervention services

The body of work presented in my portfolio is reflective of my competence in the roles and responsibilities of a school psychologist as defined by the ten domains of school psychology set forth by the Humboldt State University (HSU) School Psychology program. The products contained in this portfolio show comprehensive knowledge in the areas of consultation, data-based decision making, community collaboration, mental health service provision, psychological foundations, educational foundations, human diversity, and legal and ethical foundations. Considering the young population of my internship placement, preventative services and early intervention services were the focus of much of my time and efforts. A multi-tiered system of support in the form of Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) was being built and strengthened at the school site during my internship. I was able to implement many preventative interventions in order to support groups of students in building skills, as opposed to waiting until they exhibited a need for intensive individualized services. By intervening early and teaching important skills at a young age, my work has helped students to build strong foundations on which to build the rest of their future education. The HSU School Psychology program has prepared me well for entering the professional work force as a highly skilled and competent school psychologist, and I am looking forward to taking the knowledge, skills, and experience I have gained into a new setting to collaborate, work toward building better systems, and continue my own growth process.