Quality healthcare analytical reports using Tableau software

The quality of healthcare data is enforced as part of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The focus is to measure the quality of the data that is used to analyze outcomes. Currently the country’s health plans, such as Medicare and Medicaid, do not have an easy way to analyze and understand quality of healthcare data received from trading partners. Data visualization reports created in this project using tableau software is used to measure the quality of the data set. The reason for measuring the quality of data sets is to improve and perform benchmark analysis in order to get a clearer understanding. These quality metrics can be used to drive data quality improvement efforts. Improved data quality supports improved analysis, management, and policy setting. It will also provide a consistent basis for incentive and withhold programs to facilitate the shift to the pay-for-performance delivery model. Healthcare data from ‘Wily Fox Technologies’ is used for the reports after the data has been processed and analyzed for quality through a proprietary healthcare analysis system. The data did not contain any protected health information (PHI). As part of this project “Tableau Tutorial with a Case Study” is developed. This will help other students to learn Tableau tool and the process of creating dashboards. A detail case study is presented to better understand the importance of dashboards that can be used to solve the business problems.